What we do - F&F Group from Holstein Production for your components and products!

The F&F Group from Neustadt in Holstein has been working on innovative technical solutions since 2005. In the early days, the focus was on research and development. As a result, we were able to develop the first wear-free, cost-effective brake disc and on this basis, we have further developed into a group of companies that is able to manufacture and supply any form of component, product or apparatus.

F&F Lasertechnik - Neustadt factory German Metalworks:
From sheet metal cutting or a turned/milled part to a complete assembly including laser cutting, press brake bending, laser welding, grinding, turned/milled parts, surface coating, assembly, metal and sheet metal processing, order picking, and just-in-time delivery. Are you looking for a solution to design your assembly requirement more cost-effectively? Talk to us; there are often particularly good and safe ways to manufacture components more cost-effectively through other production options. Prototypes, pilot production, series. We look forward to welcoming you into our esteemed circle of well-known customers.

F&F Lasertechnik - Grube factory Respirator Masks Made in Germany:
In 2020, we built a complete mask manufacturing facility, including a laboratory, our own machine shop, and our own research & development department. In our Grube factory, we produce preformed FFP2 and FFP3 cup masks, and FFP 2 folding masks. Our quality control and our decades of production experience enable us to create safe and innovative respirator masks, in close cooperation with the notified bodies (DEKRA).

Who we are

2 hearts in one chest. We produce individual items, small series, and huge quantities. We would be happy to put your ideas into practice, just as we like to design in 3D and accompany projects from birth. Our own products are created from the certainty that we have not found anything like them on the market.

So, is it really surprising that we came up with the idea of a dry ice cleaning machine with a real constant jet that could be loaded and unloaded “by one man”, and were able to implement it? We manufacture the constant-jet dry ice cleaning machines!
Is it also surprising that we have developed a grinding technique that makes Claudia Pechstein faster and helped Nico Walther win a silver medal in the 4-man bob?

That is what we do. By we, we mean our highly committed employees! Highly qualified, with practical experience, and always looking for smart solutions! And how do we achieve what we do - because we put our heart and soul into it. If we believe in it, then we will do it!
Our Code

The fundamental approach of reconciling economy, ecology and social responsibility is firmly anchored in the corporate identity of F&F - it is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

This is manifested in our mission statement on sustainability:

“In everything we do, we behave responsibly towards people, nature and society.” As an innovative company, we feel it is our duty to make our contribution to sustainable environmental and future-friendly action and economic activity (sustainable development).

For us, plant safety, environmental protection, employee training, product responsibility and resource conservation are the inner core of our actions.

Sustainability is an essential part of our business processes. In addition to costs, quality, reliability, performance and innovation, sustainability is an essential factor in the selection and evaluation of our suppliers.

We also expect our suppliers to comply with the applicable national laws in their activities and to introduce suitable processes in their own and their affiliated companies that promote compliance with these regulations.

How we do it


Flatbed laser cutting machines

  • Up to 1500mm x 3000mm
  • Sheet steel from less than 1 mm to 25 mm thick
  • Aluminium from less than 1 mm to 12 mm thick
  • Stainless steel from less than 1 mm to 20 mm thick
  • Non-ferrous metals and precious metals on request

Laser punching machine

  • Up to 8mm sheet thickness
  • Materials to be processed: steel, aluminium, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, precious metals on request
  • Average spread: +/- 0.03mm
  • Maximum punching force: 180 kN
  • Laser power output: 2700 W
  • Machine weight: 21,000 kg

The most up to date generation of machinery at F&F Lasertechnik. Highest productivity through fully automated loading and unloading. Scratch-free processing due to a lowerable die. We can help you to reduce your part costs!

Press brakes

  • From 50 to. – to 220 to.
  • Up to 3230 mm edge length
  • or corresponding station edges
  • Up to 6 controlled CNC stops

Laser welding

  • Power output 4 kw
  • Handling: 6 axes Kuka, freely programmable
  • Welding cell dimensions: 5 x 5 mtr
  • Automated, low heat input, precise repeatability, highest strengths


  • Thin/thick sheet steel/AL/VA
  • Soldering
  • Bolts, bushes & nuts: welding and pressing
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Neustadt in Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Neustadt in Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Neustadt in Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Neustadt in Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Neustadt in Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Holstein
Was wir machen - F&F Gruppe aus Holstein